Why Carol hate Nogvi? Plus me wants worms now...

Nogvi wait for friend. No comes. Nogvi bored of bolt in cave magic...no use to Nogvi. Nogvi needs terracite friend instead. Why Carol no like Nogvi. Did Nogvi not pray enuffs? Tower holes with friend make Nogvi happy.

Since Nogvi sad. Nogvi also don't like damage shields. No uses. Carol give Nogvi Mana worms. When big piggies and huggers hits the nogvi hard with two handed hurt sticks , nogvi should drop 3 Mana wormses to seek out skinny pigs and huggers with the big boom booms and drain Mana and interrupt?

Pleases Carol? Nogvi give squishy hugs. Nogvi stroke Carol hair tells her she pretty....Carol can I's have worms and friend?

Love, Nogvi
Asatruar - Ronnie 10 "
Corpseshovel - Oldstanky - Nogvi

The reason people hate to PvP is they are afraid of failure


  • OMFG!! LMAO!!
  • You get what you gt so don't throw a fit. I really don't think another pet class is what the game needs. If shamans get pets then bards are going to want pets, wizards will want little white owls to bring them letters from Hogwarts. It will just get out of hand.
  • This isn't the Warhammer broad bro.
    Dreamscape 12Lx Dark Lotus
  • I think Nogvi eat the worms.

    Bumblebunny to the rescue !
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