Need Help on RA Healock Spec PLEASE

I been gone for 8 years or so, I am told to respec my Warlock to a Healock spec which looks good but what RAs should I go with as a HEALock?


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    I play 50 witch craft and rest into Hex I believe. One with instant con debuff. I can usually out heal any healer/shaman unless they are 50mend. RAs I went Aug dex 6 so I got 374 with my Norseman. Aug acuity 7, purge 3, wild healing 1 so I have chance to crit heal. Wild power 1 A chance to crit dmg, mastery of focus 2 so my witch craft dots don't get resisted as much, wild power 1 to have a chance to crit on dmg, long wind1. I usually am 1st or 2nd in healing and use my dots to interrupt people if I don't need to heal. Always con and af debuff MAs target if it's a melee toon. I'm currently 6L5. Plus all I use to heal is the AOE grp heal unless some is getting focused on. Of course have your thing up where secondary spells cost no Mana. You'll be a healing machine.
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