[Templating] Would you Rather...

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I'd like to start a thread entitled .. [Tempating] Would you rather

A Thread dedicated to those templating dilemmas that you may require a 2nd opinion on.

This topic could be re-occuring, but the relevance will change upon the subject matter. Since this is the official DAoC message board, lets try and keep the subject matter on topic.

To keep it relevant, and straight forward, an existing format should be followed.

For instance,

Keep in mind that everything should be posted with a subject matter of " Would you Rather"

(Question #.)

[Compare 1,]

{compare 2}



[A. Have 40 hit points or,]

{ B. 2 dex, 12 strength, 3 heat resist}

<hybrid casting/melee character>


#1 A


#1 B


I know the answers dont carry much fanfare, but you can gain solace the fact that you are helping your fellow DAoC'er


feel free to answer my example
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