Melee casted snares

Can we get these to not give root immunity.

Currently only necro functions this way.

I'm not entirely sure what classes get them but I'll try and remember.


Champ ?


I'm not sure if the pulsing snare maulers and Vamps get give root immunity, but if they do fix that too pls


  • Tic doenst give immunity. and it doenst break on damage. Valk is 70+% snare...thats like a root. VW root style gives no immunity either. just let it stay like it is. nobody wants even more CC then now.
  • Necro PW snare is 90% and doesn't give immunity. Valk argument does not make sense.

    I don't recall asking about melee styles, this topic is discussing casted snares

    This is not more CC, it's in the game already, It's just not optimized.
  • PW necro snare lasts a few seconds and has a reuse of 1 minute. Valk is cone AOE and lasts 30 seconds with a 30 second re-use.
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  • Can consider making valk snare more along the lines of necromancer snare.

    Shorter duration, longer re cast.
  • It would have to be single target as well.
    Minstrel. Thane, Druid
    Heretic, BD, Animist
  • I don't think single target would be necessary.

    The duration would need to be lowered to 15 seconds or less. 1-5 minute reuse.

    The single targets already on classes mentioned above could have a 20-30 second duration 1-5 minute duration.

    Break on damage
  • An additional ST snare similar to the others could also be added to valk that would be longer in duration than the cone.
  • did anyone mention the chanter group buff that makes all melee snare ?
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