Pendragon testing

Did a little testing today.. some notes and thoughts

-shades of mist use while in classic models, changed me into catacombs models shade form instead of classic model shade form.(small bug)

-shades of mist shade form also not affected by spell duration. I think this is a bug, has been this way for many years.

-with viper 5, 50 envenom getting 116 damage per tick, seems low?

-in my opinion shades of mist can use a little boost, back to how it was. Or maybe keep the 150abl, but boost the proc rate up a little bit.

-was there a ranger melee nerf? It was exceptionally weak on pendragon. Hitting from 98 damage mainhand to about 130 damage. Before abs/ slash debuffs. With abs debuffs, damage went to 140-180..

-also there needs to be an npc on pendragon that makes testing more user friendly. That heals, cures rez sick, purple buffs, infinite respecs etc.. you shouldnt have to wait for timers on potions and heal on a test server.
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