Time for Speed Warps to go bye-bye

Ever since they were introduced i never liked them. To me it slows the game down and prevents fights. For those who would say "its needed for the elite teams so they can pull" i would say thats bull crap. You have CC classes and you need to use them and their abilities to slow ppl down or sway the tide to your side.

Just like the Storm Lord line, i think its time for Convoker to be altered. To what? i dont know...but there are too many times grps or bgs have gotten away because they have a crap ton of speed warps and do not fight. If you get ass jammed then that on you for now moving your camera around.
  1. Speed Warp should be moved?29 votes
    1. YES
    2. NO
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  • No

    Just because there's an ability that stops your zerg from catching groups doesn't mean it needs to be removed.
  • They have their place but it would be nice if they didn't last so long or if they stop working after the caster has moved out of the area.
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  • Make changes to both the Convoker and Spymaster Lines.

    Increase the casting time of speed warps.

    Increase the range on Sabotage.
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  • I'll agree to the change if I can get an instant kill button.
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    Can't say that's a well written argument... Feels like you want ro zerg people down with your 200 charge tanks and realize you can't...

    Also, you can have a skald and 1 shot them, don't see the issue here
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  • Speedwarps should have a hard 15 second cast time but should be castable on the move.
  • The long duration of warps has always been unecessary... It would be nice if they only last 1-2min
  • give 100 rps for taking out a warp and see how long they last ...
  • Lord, No!

    Horrible idea
  • No fine as they are currently.
  • 47el wrote: »
    give 100 rps for taking out a warp and see how long they last ...


    caster would be staffing the damn things instead of bitching at tanks for not taking them out, lol.
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  • Omg I'm glad to see its not just hib casters.. Nothing more a charge tanks likes to do then pop charge to close with a enemy on the run and hear caster cry about speed warps.. How many casters would blow thier RAs and stop thier casts to beat on doors, hit speed warps, drop seige etc..
  • Literally takes 2 standard swings to kill a warp. Zergs have more than 2 tanks, all you need to do is auto swing while running by them. Pretty simple and stupid to complain about there being too many warps when you're too lazy to kill them
  • Yes all tanks are lazy... casters much more team oriented.. lol
  • So you want casters so either stop and cast on the warp(furthering the gap between them and the enemy) or melee the warp and take 10+ swings to kill it (also furthering the gap) when 2 tanks can auto swing (1 each) while running by to drop it. Yep definitely casters being lazy
  • I think your missing the point. Ofc tanks will take them down to move the group forward but stop crying when the situation, like a having your tank train in the middle of a fight is doing something or we are looking to lockdown something. Many casters come off as self entitled and act that way, especially when they are running grps with NO tanks or small man. How many hit a door when there is no oil pouring as an example? Most are off running around or afk. I have been in zergs with 2 tanks and 40 plus others and they still cry. How about you run a balanced group and stfu as we arent here to enhance your gameplay when u clearly dont care about any situation but killing from range. Dark ages of castalot..
  • Damn Tesc just flipped a switch.
  • Lol its the pre holiday stress!! We return to normal programming now...
  • I'm not talking about groups, I'm specifically talking zergs. The mid zerg tends to be tank heavy and it's hilarious to watch tanks just run by warps then you get a lost like the OP that complains about warps when there's a simple solution... Kill it
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