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The dynamic population bonus is re-calculated every 15 minutes and only calculates based on the number of players within the New Frontiers region. The bonus amounts are as follows:

81-90% population of most populated realm: +10% RPs
71-80% population of most populated realm: +25% RPs
61-70% population of most populated realm: +40% RPs
51-60% population of most populated realm: +55% RPs
41-50% population of most populated realm: +70% RPs
31-40% population of most populated realm: +85% RPs
0-30% population of the most populated realm: +100% RPs

Please considering making it so that if you have earned 0 RPs in the past 15 minutes and are in NF (or better still the Relic Towns), you are excluded from the underpopulation bonus calculation.

It's evident that when Hero is running, CT is practically empty, yet when you look at Catterick and Godrborg - regardless of whether there is an Alb or Mid BG running - the sheer number of bots and people standing around duelling, AFK and waiting for people to come on so they can play, is affecting the underpopulation bonus.

If you are contributing to RVR and gaining RPs, then you should count towards the bonus / balance check. If you are not contributing in any way and have no intention to, i.e.by standing around in the relic town AFK or waiting for the war map to look better, then your mere presence in NF is affecting those who are actually out in RVR.
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  • Its incrediable to me how many high RR albs sit in CT when Hero is running. What is hysterical is they often have more then his BG and certainly stronger toons than many of the PUG new hibs that join hib. Lack of leadership and any sense of strategy other then running a QRF to bold is thier problem. They also complain about hib classes being OP while they are on all casters with Arlington having the only tank group; the only way to counter hib as demonstrated by Mid. At least poor Draxco and Zrantic fight against all odds. Sorry Alb but Dark Ages of Castalot from TOA and 20 scouts dosent work anymore.

    The region chat is priceless if you want entertainment
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    This is less about what is needed to fight / win vs Hero and more about how underpopulation bonuses are calculated, based on who is contributing and where they are. That affects all 3 realms to different degrees. That being said, there are plenty of times when Hero is not on that this kind of a change would benefit Hibs too, but its more amplified on Mid / Alb because of the amount he plays, the sheer numbers he runs and the fact that Hibs run less bots.

    It's not unheard of for Hibs to actually have a significant population bonus, despite Hero fighting far fewer numbers, because the Alb's or Mid's who don't want to fight him / 50+ are waiting for him to log off or for the map to magically fix itself. You can argue (from the Hib perspective) that they should form a BG, rally the troops etc, but not everyone wants to be zerged down like that or are even interested in BG vs BG. This isn't a specific dig at Hero, but it's a good example of where the current system is flawed.

    I think most people would feel better knowing that they had an underpopulation bonus that excluded people not engaged in RVR, especially when fighting far superior numbers. Running into x2 at a tower or x5 at a keep and the bonus is 0% or 25%+ in favour of the larger force is just wrong. Yes there is a wider conversation about people not wishing to engage Hero, Anna, Muy, Leegyn, Rescu (lol) etc, but those that do shouldn't be penalised for the choices of those that do not. Many like fighting larger numbers and a more "accurate" under population bonus would help.
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  • I agree that the underpopulation bonus should be reflected by the number of active players as bots can sway those bonuses due to how low the overall population is. It may be a good Grab Bag question to see if they are able to adjust how the underpopulation bonus is determined since they rarely respond on the forums.
  • i've been asking to exclude the people that haven't earned rp in the last xx minutes for the purpose of calculating the rp bonus for a long time now. And the mechanics for the thing are already in the game as it is used to determine whether you can log to another realm without having a timer to do so, so it can't be hard to implement.

    bots, afk's and people logging in their macro team on another realm and putting it in the relic town for the purpose of influencing the rp bonus is just silly.
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    Having a macro team is so 2005 and now there is free to play, so I'm sure there are people out there gaming the system so they get an underpop bonus. (As when Hero's running, everything's green, and they have a 25% bonus somehow). I guess if they could code it somehow so that if you've made rps within the last 15 minutes (same timer as already exists for realm switching, so they are already tracking it, right?).

    That might do a few things.
    1) make people more willing to pay for that bot account
    2) make it so if your zerg/group really stinks that you might get rewarded a bit more just for being "food".
    3) much harder to game the system.

    You might see more wiplash in underpop% though.
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