Influential Brutality Recruiting

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Influential Brutality is Recruiting for a US Primetime energy⚡️ train on Mid. We run with the zerg and WTB Competitive players eager to learn and soak up rps. PM @Catacus or @Amurdora on discord for deets.

Competitive does not mean experienced. It means you're interested in coming most nights for RvR on a thane (preferred), RM, or Healer. We don't expect you to be dominate and we won't be jerks because you're returning after years and years. We just want you to be willing to do what you're asked to do and work to improve your play. Our Superstar returning player, Orleli, came back after a several year break and has been dominating the RM. We are looking for more like him, good solid players who are chill and don't want to suck.
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  • I'll still critical strike you into oblivion. The Bladewhiffersniffer lives! Get on your inf already and give up this silliness.
  • You’d just vanish the second you get to 50/60% as you always do
  • We opening it up to any class. Come be part of the fun. We're in Mid's largest /as and I do a lot of PvE if you're into that sorta thing as well as RvR. All we ask is that you are willing to improve.
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