Physical Damage Leggies

I propose crafted legendary type weapons with toas. Instead of the built in procs perhaps make them able to add the regular alchemy procs. Dragonsworn weapon toas are terrible. would like to see better physical craftable with toas like leggy and mythical stat caps like str or dex. Say 5 str (or dex) 5-10 af 3-4% melee dmg 3-4% style damage for toas. Talk amongst yourselves...


  • i wish i could craft physical damage weapons that were equal to legendaries when it comes to bonuses. at the moment there is zero reason to use a player crafted weapon i think.
    Stor Hurfru Muylasav, wildly swinging arms around. Vicomte Muylock, calling curses on enemies. Lord Muylaetrix, calling upon winter storms. some other chars with names starting with Muyl.
  • Sad, Muylock. All that crafting for nothing but maybe a Lithic weapon for a tank.
  • 1000% agree. I wish we had new Alchemy procs/reactives. I've been searching for a MP Alacritous thruster on Alb with halfway decent stats but it's so hard and I can out of orbs.
  • My opinion they need to remove all the additional Leggies they created. Sure make some physical crafted leggies but the rest was a shiny new buff to help us forget all the crap that is bugged and forgotten about...oh yeah like Artifacts and MLs.
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