Returning after 15 Years ago and desperately needing some help.

Well it has been a very long time since coming back to DAOC and wow the changes that have been made are considerable. Labyrinth had just come out when I stopped years ago. I am needing some advice as to if there is any guides for levelling again as I am starting afresh. My first toon to level I thought would be good to get a necro up (Playing Alb ) as they used to be a great way of getting items and coin years ago. But the old Necro and the new Necro seem to me to be worlds apart. I have levelled him to 20 and was difficult as mob level and areas seem to have changed. Another thought I had was going into the Catacombs to farm for some auralite but can not gain entry. Also the small instanced dungeons have disappeared?
So am really in need of advice. Anything you can help with from mob levels, links to guides/walkthroughs, tips on which class in Alb I should look to level first ( I used to have pretty much every class pretty well equipped ). Even simple things like go get a horse first or level spellcrafting etc.
Thajnks in advance for your advice.
I used to be on Morgan Le Fay server back in the day but now on Gwain.

Diamondog Necro 20.


  • check the camelotherald (link on top of this site, it has some guides to start with)

    for levelling up, just begin at the starter's town and follow the quest line until 35ish

    everything else, well, your request is quite generic so that would take a lot of time to write it all up, but with the above, plus some battleground action, you'll well be on your way to 50. Then get King's gear and do your first steps into rvr :-)
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