enchantments spec enchanter question...

level 50 enchantment spec'd enchanter----

they used to have a castable spell that was a defensive heal proc for their pet... i have 2 level 50 enchantment spec'd enchanters (different accounts) and neither one of them have those spells anymore.. there were 3 or 4 different leveled spells, the last one being at level 49 enchantments and was called splendorous (sp?) armor.. According to all the websites (including this website), they are still there? i have gone to TNN and even the trainers dont list it any longer.. there isn't anything even anything remotely close to it in any of the enchanter spec lines, that i can find. searched patch notes, didn't find nerfage of those spells there.. Did they really take it out or are these toons just bugged (doubt it since it isn't even listed in the enchantment spec line at the trainer)? if they did take it out, about what year was it? *i think* the last time we played was in like 2016/17, and the toons had it and it worked well at that time. googled it for days, in a ton of different ways, still nothing. driving us nuts.. did find a post on another forum saying, in around 2017, that it was still active as people were suggesting that someone get it for their toon to help with something.. anyways, any help is appreciated.
vant* hib/mid/alb..


  • I have an enchanter for all 3 spec lines. I dont have that ability. We are more of a support /clean ip dps caster now. It does well in tank groups. Caster groups not so much. I keep the 1500 ablative up on tanks/heals and rotate the 50% heal bonus on my free casting healers. No, since returning I haven't seen this ability.
    I feel the game is somewhat in maintanece mode. They don't update anything correctly. The ra listings are horribly written. They might not even have CSRs. Alot of radar/teleporting going on with very little consequence.
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