Please Describe how Pet classes work now.

Hi, I have been away from DAoC for just under a Year and in that time I see the pet classes have changed and Im not sure what to do with them. I Mostly play PVE as I like to explore the world and kill as much NPC mobs as I can. When I logged into my chanter and started to pull with my Underhill Compatriot with Focus shield on I noticed even with it up, even the smallest of heals will pull agro off the pet onto whoever is healing. It worries me as I used to be able to pull large group of mobs and as long as I didn't move and had Mana left the mobs focus would be stuck to the pet unless someone was excessively healing. Again im only having the healer throw out one or two of the smallest heals and bam, half the mobs are now agroing the healer...


  • Additional Info: I have looked up and down the patch notes since I was last online and I know there was a big overhaul back in February with Patch 1.124D and one a bit after that but nothing mentions as to why the Focus shield has been altered. I also play on Geharis and talking to people its happened to most of the pet classes but no one knows when or why as usually they are returning as well.
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