Keep Sieging Poll

Had this poll in the newsletter for February, but worth also posting here to increase the range of feedback and thoughts :)

Many options/choices, but pick what you feel best is your fav part of keep fights.

  1. What is your favorite part of keep sieges?48 votes
    1. All points of defense
    2. All points of attacking
    3. Running siege (rams, trebs, cats, etc)
    4. Courtyard battles
    5. Lord room/balcony defense
    6. Lord room/balcony offense
    7. Roof fights
    8. All of the above
    9. I don't take part in keep sieges
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    Where's the option where Hero and his tank/Vampiir trains rail out everyone with uninterruptible heals.
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  • I don't like keep siege because unkillable tanks come in and block every door with a group of healers spamming heals outside away from los so u cant itneurpt and makes it like imposible to defend with lesser numbers, and itsn ot about not being able to defend, by that imean u cant even enjoy it to play or try to have fun, ur just traped inside by godmode tanky tanks climbing in with healers outside in safty spamign heals mindlessly
  • I like setting up a siege tower with a caster group and trying to kill as many as possible on walls and courtyard until we get zerged.
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  • Long battles are the best. Defending before the outer door goes down.
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  • please remove climb walls from vamps/tanks.... impossible to defend when they just camp oils and walls with unlimited spread heals that go through disease/los... or make group and spread heals have los
  • As a heavy tank myself I do find that climb walls should also be removed from my archtype as well as vampiirs. With the current state of stats/regen/heal bonus/power pools/heal effectiveness it is now too powerful of an ability for heavies and vampiirs.

    Stealth archtypes are the only ones who should retain access to climb walls.

    That being said, as a heavy I find myself generally avoiding siege unless I'm in a caster group due to having nearly no utility/purpose whatsoever.

    Also due to the limited number of bank/bag slots and the amount of items that cannot be vaulted I'm not in a position to fill my bank with siege apparatuses either.

    So I generally avoid keep siege altogether unless I'm in a ranged dps group that has an opportunity to actually earn rps.

    I recall spending nearly 1.5 hours one afternoon defending an Albion keep from Herorius. I may have earned 3-4 total kills in that duration due to not being in a ranged dps group. After the siege was over and the keep was captured I earned roughly 15-20k total rps. I haven't had a desire to defend nor attack since (I believe I also spoke with you in game when this occurred as well @Carol_Broadsword ).

    Just my two cents.
  • I believe the most fun fights are the types in the courtyard. I'd love to see courtyards revamped so that they have more obstacles to take cover behind for both defensive and offensive positions. Keeps all around could use some tweaks. I'd like to see milegate breakable doors applied to the outer oil points and outer tower tops to help give defenders more chances to defend. All keeps need to have multiple ways in, currently some only have the option to enter from the front door. All keeps need trebbable walls, ST points, and possibly even at least one postern door. Also as said, tons of tanks flooding the walls backed by healers unable to be interrupted is not good. Perhaps decrease the climb points on keeps to funnel more people to certain points to help defense.
  • Why dont they take the climb points away and then make it so that you have to build a later with mats to climb the wall. The process of making a ladder could take 5 or 10 seconds. Then to get rid of the ladder the enemy on the wall could push it over. Or you could make oil hook points above the climb points as well.
  • Pigleto wrote: »
    Why dont they take the climb points away and then make it so that you have to build a later with mats to climb the wall. The process of making a ladder could take 5 or 10 seconds. Then to get rid of the ladder the enemy on the wall could push it over. Or you could make oil hook points above the climb points as well.

    This is something brought up in the siege podcast a while back, as i recall most people agreed that it would be a good change. In regards to oil hookpoints above climb points, I'm not sure, it wouldnt affect the tanks too much anyway but on the flip side might make healers and casters reposition to avoid that.
  • I wish I liked seiges more but they tend to be hit or miss.

    - So much healing everywhere.

    - Depending on your character, you may have little to no options.

    - Rams tend to be boring/deathtraps

    - Siege equipment seems to mostly be siege rams and siege towers - I rarely see other things used.

    Some possible suggestions...

    - Open more avenues of attack - more scalable options, more breakable doors.
    - More avenues of defense as well - sigh lines, murder holes.
    - Magical defense items like say... Mana/stamina regen dampeners, or drainers, etc. Sort of like outeard facing speedwarps with a different effect. Things that increase the cost of enemy abilities within the area.
  • I think if you take climb wall from everything but sins it gives them a defined role in the keep attack but makes it quite boring for the tanks losing it. Siege needs a revamp with more activities to do to actually take and defend a keep siege towers should be require farmed resources from round a keep ie capturing a supplies camp which needs to be maintained and they should be one that is built away from the keep and then drove to the correct area giving defenders a chance to destroy it.
  • Keep sieges are fine, but changes to the Keep siege system wont help RvR in and of themselves --- the main RvR issues are population and population fluidity <especially at specific times of the day>. Concurrently, the rewards one receives for actually attempting/accomplishing those tasks which promote Realm must become valuable enough to be worth fighting for--- until the actual factors that have caused a decline in actual RvR are addressed, changes made may be nice and even good, but they wont fix the problem.
  • remove keeps, if ppl want pve, they should move to the other server gaheris or something
  • It's too much PvE and sort of a MOBA mechanic, and on top of that likely too much work...

    I always thought it'd be fun if each realm actually had more NPC patrols and small "armies" that would rally out under certain conditions - examples being to attempt to break a siege, NPCs straight up starting a siege of their own, making a spearhead/defense point at the keeps/bridges into EV. Scouts/Patrols that when attacked would flare up on the RW map.

    Something to make it seem more like an actual ongoing conflict. Keep taking is already part PvE anyways, it'd be nice to see some options open up like that as BP sinks.

    It's an idea ripped out of the DoTA/League of Legends style games. I don't expect it to be seen in live DAoC or really at all, particularly with pathing concerns and whatnot. It'd be interesting to see though.
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