Best lifestealing caster?

Haven't played in years. Looking cautiously to come back. Played an SM in the day, from what I have read their lifetap was nerfed long ago. Any suggestions to the best life tapper currently?


  • SM is still good
  • Bone dancer, it'll steal your life away trying to play it without your bone pets running off.
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    Cab is powerful because you can't do anything about the pet and hit hits like a ton of bricks. SM is powerful because the pet intercepts. Necro pet hits hard and they have so many toys including better crits/damage increase abilities. Ani's are so OP if played correctly you hardly ever need to use your lifetap but its still the same delve. BD lifetap is on an 8 second timer and is a lot lower delve than other lifetaps (yes its insta). I'm sure bd's would prefer to have a baseline lifetap than the insta.
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  • Appreciate all the feedback, thanks guys
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