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I've thought about trying to return, but everytime I log in, it just feels like an outdated game and I do not see anything new in the game. Same old god like high RR groups running around NF. I mean how do new players even get into this game and compete? They cannot hang with all the high end players roaming NF and most of the time they just get discouraged and leave.
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  • They join Hibernia.
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  • It's a frustrating game for a new level 50.

    Pretty much all there is to do is be free realm points for other players.
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    Start running consistently in a BG so leaders know who you are. No GL wants a pug player who plays 30min and leaves. Also try joining a guild that consistently runs every day. Like life we have to earn wealth. Hib is an extremely friendly realm even with our highest rr players.
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  • They lied about Origins servers ? where ? Did i miss the notice where they said they were DOING those or did they say they were evaluating, considering, .. them ?

    So you want change to the game and you also want an Origins server ? how does that work ? you want the old stuff, but the new stuff is not new enough ?

    How do new players get anywhere ? Joining a guild is one suggestion. i've had several people join my guild that haven't played in 15+ years and who had to start from scratch, maybe a month ago. they now have several templated chars, some of them around rr7... If you think you can get anywhere in an old MMO on your own, you might try WoW and see how far you can get solo ...
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  • Origins was a Mythic pipe dream way back in the mid 2000's. It wasn't just going to be a simple classic server. There were going to be significant changes from the original classic DAoC, especially to classes in that project (i.e. removal of Theurgists and the addition of Valkyries). That project quietly died around the time WAR came out, iirc.

    Broadsword is simply offering a classic server. I doubt they have the ambition or the resources to tackle a project like Origins. Until they state otherwise, it will likely be a roll back to a previous patch era with some QoL adjustments carried over from later patches.
  • Grab Bag 12/13/2019:
    Any updates on plans for next year?
    In the first quarter next year we’ll be continuing our response to Endless Conquest feedback as well as delivering numerous bug fixes and some other goodies in the form of a 1.127 update.

    Afterward, our alternate server proposal will then be our major developmental focus. Our original proposal of a subscription-only ‘Classic + Shrouded Isles + Housing’ server that advances (vote-based) through DAoC’s subsequent content is still the plan. We’ll be sharing the details of that server’s ruleset, like which Frontier it will use and what other changes will be involved with it, as we get through 1.127! Depending on how this alternate server goes, we will be launching subsequent versions (perhaps with some fun variations) with a more forced progression.

    With that said, Ywain will continue to be the primary long-term focus as we view it as THE game. With Endless Conquest and the ability to play for free we’ve seen a great number of returning and new players out exploring our beloved world and more importantly, endlessly battling each other in the Frontier and battlegrounds!

    While alternate servers may seem like a shift away from Ywain in the short term, in the long term they will be another boon to the game as a whole and to Ywain. New and returning players alike will have a chance to start fresh on the new servers, learn or re-learn the game, gain realm rank and eventually transfer over to Ywain with their established characters, which will continue to grow Ywain’s population over time. In addition to the momentum from Endless Conquest and this future momentum from these alternate servers, we are also in the midst of an investigation into bringing DAoC onto Steam! 2020 is going to be a great year for Dark Age of Camelot and with these plans coming to fruition, there will be many more ahead!
  • Midgard has a healthy US Primetime BG that runs consistently. Seems to be weekly Cruse & OW raids. If you are looking to rejoin Midgard on Ywain, there are guild's recruiting. Jump into DAoC Discord and you will find an active community of players helping new and returning people.
  • This game had a peak population of a quarter million. Now it’s in the hundreds of players. It was fun while it lasted but it’s dead now. To suggest otherwise is delusional.
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    I mean I understand what some are saying and yes it is discouraging. I played hard when Mordred pvp was around and stayed until they closed the server down. I miss the game, I really do, but 1) it's been 15'ish years for me 2) I've mostly played Mordred PvP server so I really no little about RvRing 3) Most of my toons are around RR5'ish with a couple RR6-7 but that was ages ago.

    I prefer Healers (support classes).Think I have a RR5 Cleric, a RR5 Healer and maybe a RR3'ish Druid. But the templates they have are all outdated and old. I wouldnt know where to start in RvR. I don't know the playstyle or anything. DAoC is not very newbie friendly and I am basically a newbie all over again. I mained a White Mage (Basically a Cleric) in FF14 but FF14 is not a PvP based game - and thats a totally different game than DAoC so I really dunno :/
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    It's a frustrating game for a new level 50.

    Pretty much all there is to do is be free realm points for other players.

    If they ever made a new server, it would be awesome for all. but we just suffer in lowbie hell together
  • All you have to do to jump into RvR after you ding 50 is go visit the King of your realm and get the free gear. It’s doesn’t have a lot of toys but the stats are great. Find a guid to join for people to run with. Support classes are always in demand. You can RvR your way up and worry about a template later. If you find a nice guild they will usually help you template anyway.
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    Most any class and any class in a duo can rp grind to rr5 in a week of casual play at dopples. That would also give you probably 500k bps from quests, etc (especially now with pins up), to template whatever you want. That's even if you can't join a zerg because of your playtime or lack of being able to get a group.

    If you can run voice chat and dedicate say 2 hours at a time and especially if you can be consistently on at the same time, you will find friends to play with at any given point in time. As long as you aren't unguilded and running around without gear on, people will give you a chance. (though it is possible to ruin your reputation through your misuse of region chat). Most groups out now have at least one person in them who is new or the others don't really know, it's really common except for a handful of groups (and some of those aren't very good, they are just guild groups).

    As far as the population change from a quarter mil to hundreds, there were never more than a few thousand on any server at any point in time. Prime time we still have 80v80v50 some nights with 8mans trying to add and stealth groups in the mix. The game is fun from solo (people get 100 solo kills a week fairly consistently) to zerg play (EU/US prime time slots).
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