It's time for a new RP Bonus during Corona Summer?

Hey Folks,
don't you think it's time for a new Summer RP Bonus? Especially for this heavy Corona time? Action is pretty low atm, so maybe BS can pull some players back. What you guys think?
  1. Do we need a RP Bonus during Corona Summer?30 votes
    1. yes, 100% RP Bonus till September
    2. yes, 50% RP Bonus would be enough till Sept.
    3. no, im fine


  • There is now some kind of bonus up since 6 months. I think its enough.
  • IDGAF about RP bonus if population was higher
  • I think the idea is that rp bonus brings all the boys to the yard.
  • I voted no simply because rps are perfectly fine when you aren't splitting them between 80 ppl.
    action is perfectly fine when ppl aren't running unopposed zergs, player problem that no rp band aid will fix.
    Bodukejr- hunter

  • Maybe a BP bonus to drum action around maze/wood area but no RP.
    Dreamscape 12Lx Dark Lotus
  • The more RP's the more I'm motivated logging in [and probably (!!) get farmed by cow].
  • RPs are fine
  • rp bonus for peeps less than rr12
  • Ya there has omost been a none stop rp bonus for a wile we don't need anymore as you can get a decent amount even divided among 80 people I have made over 80k running with rescue ya thats over 2 to 3 hours but I'm happy with that amount
  • Yes more rps please for all ranks. It’s takes ages to find players and risk reward is very low atm. Especially when you start with lower rank characters. Would be nice to have more boost
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