Emergency Appeal 3 Days No Response

3 Days now waiting for an emergency appeal. My valkerie can not purchase bp items. Says i can only carry one bp item at my realm rank. Gained more realm ranks still no effect. Does anyone know how to fix this? Can't purchase soth. Can't rvr at this speed. cant purchase with another toon and trade one to her either.


  • It usually only says that if u try to buy in bulk. If you buy one item quantity at a time it should work. If not good luck with your appeal
  • Valkerie? delete...
  • Sounds like user error.

    Put the bps items in your /bank, then buy another.
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  • Like Nerfthis said. But them one at a time and you are good.
  • @warduke if you have any bp totem lokking pots like from the guy in jord next to the guild emblem guy you will need to drop thoses they will prevent you from buying and other bp items if you have any off them equivalent to your realm rank i had the same problem.
  • Thanks Names. Yes that was it. i had a water breathing pot that was preventing me.The appeal finally was answered and they told me the problem. I didn't even know there was a limit.
  • Buy water pots in housing the BP ones used to be terrible
  • Np glad i could help
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