Ability to get RoG items with BPs

Anyway you guys would consider adding a bp item on the bounty master to /use and depending on which one you get a rog bracer/ring/jewel or neck would be created?


  • Magic Orbs are on the bounty merchants and do this already :)
  • Is there anyway to control what slot though?
  • Just buy my reforming energy caches and sit in oceans opening :)
  • Which one for bracers on mid? And why aren't all the realms the same? It's easier to get rogs on hib and alb
  • @John_Broadsword You may want to look into the BP cost on this as I don't think it is a reasonable RoI. I spent over ~100k bps and received 5 bracers. Of the 21 items I got only 1 seemed like it would have any value and at that not much. I don't think it would be unreasonable to decrease the price to 1k bps per orb.
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