EC and the name issue you will regret.

Figured since I re-subbed for a month might as well beat on this dead horse I have been griping about for years and years. You want new players but this game has been around so long that there are no names left in the system anymore. Pretty much most new toons names are statements or short sentences. It's far beyond the point of releasing names of toons that have been on inactive accounts for 5+ years. If these people haven't played in 5 years or heck make it 10 years they are never coming back. At least allow new players to actually experience the game without having to name themselves "iamanecnoobbenice" or some other such silly thing. Something like this shouldn't be all that difficult.


  • That would actually be a good thing

    i would imagine in particular many of the former players would invest to get their old name back (i would do it for nothing else but my name)

    can limit to toon >5y inactive or such to avoid further namestealing ...
  • Im good with that but add a realm rank to that requirement to so that any toons that are like say 8 or higher are exemptions to loseing there name especially rr12s and up
  • The new seasonal server sounds like it will take care of this issue.
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  • i agree. I am not sure if BS could make this happen but name that have not logged in over a 10 years should be opened up.
  • They did it with the merge to ywain all the people with old names were the same with some number behind them, and gave you the option to change your name on login. They should just do that to all the people inactive for 10 years or less just add some numbers on those old people and let the new people grab them up.
  • Agreed time to open up the names.
  • Sounds fine to me!
  • inactive names on unsubbed accounts----
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