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Long read, and it's been talked about a dozen times before, but, I really miss the ruined keeps and the mazes and how perfect they were for soloing and small-manning. Can someone tell me why the ruined keeps were ever taken away? They just provided so much. Heck, even when the zergs camped the port I thought that was funny and honestly easy zerg/zerg action.

But to get back to my point, soloing has because a shell of it's former self. Broadsword has created a solo area where now soloers more or less have to go to see action, have to /bow every fight if they want their fights to be respected (if you're a visi), and only to get run over by FGs or smallmans because all 3 of these /bow towns have terrible choke points and line of site issues... plus all those ridiculous "duel rules"

COMPARED TO: compared to ruined keeps and mazes which were honestly amazing... I miss them so much. I could run around a ruined keep solo, hiding behind walls, successfully juking a FG if I had to, and could pick and choose my fights between solos or duos/trios a little bit better... and mazes! Mazes were a wonderful place with great line of site coming up to them but also places to hide from smallmans and full groups. This made soloing so much fun because you had the tools to stay hidden better if you needed to be and it was more about hunting and waiting for the opportunity of another 1-2 people to come along.

Now there is no skill involved in soloing other than dueling mechanics itself. There is no more being good at assuming where the FGs are going to be on the maps around mazes or ruined keeps. Rhere is no warning anymore. You can't catch a FG coming at you at clip range from a /bow town because the line of site on all of them is horrible and unless you're a speed class good luck getting a good running start. And this is the worst part. Soloers literally don't stand a chance anymore in their zones that were literally created FOR THEM, whereas before w/ mazes and ruined keeps like I stated you at least had a moment to see them coming and prepare.

And last but not least when Broadsword took away the repeatable supplies quest from the ruined keeps and the mazes/surrounding nearby keeps that made it possible for the casual player to get items like supp pots, celerities, omnis, restorations, etc it made many people struggle be able to compete at the same level in RVR which eventually hurt population. Not to mention people flat out quitting since the removal of ruined keeps.

^^ about the removal of the supplies quests I do remember @Carol_Broadsword mentioning at one point that the new outlet is now picking up OW essences and Ores in NF but the flaw in this system is that every single character that you have to play on has to have OW 1-6 and the side quests in order to even pick up Essences or Ores (which imo is just not the best way about it).

What bothers me the most is I always looked for some acknowledgement from them that they kind of screwed it up. Just a little bit. Like a, "Hey sorry for these solo zones yeah it was a good idea but we realize it's kind of crappy how they are designed so we will try and think of something else moving forward because lets face it it's a trap for solos but they are forced to go there and yeah we are just sorry for now". I would have been like, "awesome I feel so much better about getting rolled now at solo zones because it wont be like this forever :)"
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  • I can agree with alot of your post. The ruined keeps were fun, but they also had their drawbacks. People would camp the ports and you would port in and and pretty much insta die. I agree 100% on the old supply crates. Made it very easy on my toon when I came back to get alchemy ingredients and importanta essences (sup/celerity).
  • Mazes are ghost lands now. Might as well bring the towers back in them
  • Need to bring back high reward exp spots in frontiers. There people could level items/bots and gather high end mats. Then solo ppl and more could gank them like back in the old frontiers.
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  • We don`t need more ganking spots in the frontiers, we need more players and players that don`t switch realms 10 times a day.
  • Screw these solo safe zone! War is what i want! Get your solos the old fashion way camping docks, bridges and paths people are taking to get into battle.
  • Aye, no need for higher end lvl'ing spots on frontiers. Most xp in the bg's which are super fast and we have PoC for leveling items.
  • This is something I really feel the loss of coming back since 2016. RK's offered a lot of value for smallman/solo. Sometimes I try to roam them just out of habit and get painfully reminded not to by red/purple guards.
  • Ruined keeps sucked and it stopped people from actually doing Seige warfare. The game should focus on keep/tower seige, open field rvr and relic raids.
  • I feel what would help solos is removing the requirement that they need a kill at the maze/solo area on the daily solo quest. Soloing is already difficult as it is but being forced to go to an area like the solo zone that is camped by smallmans and up is counter productive in my opinion.
  • That kill someone at the solo area is horrible. I do all I can to try and find people at mazes but that is a venture into madness. I hate the /bowtowns on principle.
  • #MMGA
    Make Mazes Great Again

    We need supply chests back as well as otherworldly ore/flora spawning there to get people to go to them more.
  • if you kill solozones you would kill atleast 50% of the ppl that are soloing atm, no thx
  • soloing in prime times were dead before solo keeps came these keeps helped to gain new soloers that dont like to roam 30 mins and then die to a fg, just because you play at dead times doesnt mean that those that cant play offpeak hours would have the same fun
  • Thanks Arma. We do have plans and things in the works but nothing we can discuss just yet. We aren't ignoring what people are experiencing or finding, and will keep you all updated when there's more info and news.

    I'm sorry that's really vague, but we are listening and working towards something.
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  • Gig wrote: »
    soloing in prime times were dead before solo keeps came these keeps helped to gain new soloers that dont like to roam 30 mins and then die to a fg, just because you play at dead times doesnt mean that those that cant play offpeak hours would have the same fun

    From my experience Gig, I have played primetime and slow time as a soloer since new areas and I have legit sat around for 30 minutes at any 1 or all 3 of the solo spot locations (during prime time even) waiting for a 1v1 only to be wiped by a 4-5man anyways. So I think that part is the same whether you bring back old ruined keep/maze action or not. The main difference though is back when mazes were populated, as a soloer I could keep to the outskirts, or keep a wall between me and a possible group, and I would have enough time and space to either evade them entirely, or at the very least they would chase me to the portal keeps where I would suicide and waste an entire full group's time and that is the most satisfying thing honestly.
  • Less qq more pew pew
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