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<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<--- King and the Demon Prince --->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Dynamic event : this event will run for a couple hours during EU time and US prime time.

During this dynamic event, the doppelgangers will be split into three factions and the CSR's or developers will play as the Kings of Midgard, Albion and Hibernia. The three factions of doppelgangers will be against each other and some of them will be in each other's realm to foil the king's plan. There will be two types of doppelgangers one will be a doppelganger assassin and a doppelganger warrior. The doppelganger assassins will be the lowest purple con to a single and will be easiest for a single player and small man's to defeat. These doppelganger assassins will give 300 round points to be defeated by a single player any more players that 300 will be split between them. Doppelganger warriors will be harder and should not be defeated by single players or dual players or triple players. The doppelganger warriors are for groups or more people to defeat and will provide a lot more RPs for kill.

Upon killing these doppelganger assassins will provide one doppelganger skull that can be stacked into a group of 10 and the warrior skulls will be larger but will be distributed between the group or more or the battle group. With these skulls you can travel to Bledmeer or Benowic or Dun Crauchon and there will be a campsite with a doppelganger warlord there. These doppelganger warlords will require 500 doppelganger warrior skulls and 1, 000 doppelganger assassin skulls to be activated. Each of these keeps will be purple and the towers will be purple and they will be manned by the rum guards that you see at the relic keeps. These keeps cannot be attacked or captured during this event and any realm that tries to attack anybody near these keeps will be killed instantly with one hit and stealthers will be revealed as soon as they get close to it as well.

While these skulls are being harvested the CSR or developers will be telling their realm where the fonts of power are to help expedite the collection of skulls for their realm. If enemy realm players kill another run player that has skulls on them you will get 50 round points extra per doppelganger assassin skull and 200 round point extra for each doppelganger warrior skull that is dropped upon the death of that round player. As stated above if you die to another run player and you have any skulls on you you will lose them and have to start over. There will be many quests for each player and group to collect x amount of skulls which will reward more round points and bounty points and gold.

Upon collecting all the skulls needed to activate the warrior this one turn allows the CSR or developer to play as King Eric, King Lumfhota and King Constantine. The king will go over to the warlord which they will appear in blood mirror being awake or done the crouch on and they'll have to go over to the warlord to set forth that part of the quest. The doppelganger warlord will jog at a certain speed and it cannot be crowd controlled by enemy realms they will have a policing point blank or area of effect damage around them and be able to do cone damage as well to any that are in front of them and they will be able to unleash spiders around them to interrupt casters. Each king will have a PBAO effect around them as well giving players extra hit points extra damage and extra Brown point bonus. The other realms battle groups can come to kill the warlord and king and the other players as the warlord goes from their camp to the top of KM.

As the warlord gets to the top of KM where the old Buggane obelisk was. The warlord will summon one of the demon Prince's from darkness falls. The demon princes cannot be attacked but will have the same PBOE as the doppelganger warlord and the frontal cone attack and the small demons as well. Once the demon Prince gets to Dun Crauchon he will destroy both towers to rubble and which everything inside will be dead as well. These towers will not have Lord's or will be able to be rebuilt. he will then go to the walls of Dun Crauchon Central keep and destroy the walls where they'll be holes as if they are a trebuchet. At which point he will say he has served enough and disappear back into darkness falls. All of the master soldiers and casters that would protect these keeps and towers will also be destroyed and the key will be unmanned and only will be defended by players and the king. At this point of time King Lumfhota will be the keyboard. He cannot leave that island but he may wander outside the key if necessary. The Hibernians will have the same bonuses as the Midgards would with the AOE from their kings. Once King Lumfhota or King Eric dies that event will be over in the BG players will receive a large amount of round points bounty points XP champion level XP and coin for their success and thus will reset the event.

If one of the realms becomes overpopulated and one of the other realms falls over 25% the event will not start. If the event starts and the population dips 225 or higher the event will continue on.

Upon completion players will receive the title King slayer. I would also like to see new weapons be created for this event to be crafted by bounty points. Something along the line of a two-handed sword the two-handed hammer a main hand weapon a couple of staffs and possibly with some new artwork for them and have them named King Slayer weapons that will cost 100 500,000 bounty points to craft and roughly 30 stardust and 25 of the other each of the other components to craft.
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