Bone Army complete over haul (Bone dancer)

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I was disappointed in the recent patch. You could keep the BD 75% the way it is now and change a line and a few other aspects to make it more viable for group play.

Suppression can stay the same except to give better healing sub pets the further you spec up the tree. Main Guardian pet levels with you.

Darkness too can stay the same except to let the bone spirits jog instead of walking slower then a snail. Make it pulse faster with less power consumption. Allow sub pet of mages be used here, the higher the pts put in the better the mage sub pets/lich.

The new bone army line would get rid of the dread lord and sub pets and all spells. The new line would consist of a totem that when placed on the ground would revive players upto 3 at 15% hp,ow,end. If any dead npcs or players are with in this radius they will revive as undead and run at speed of the hunt and not be effected by warps/cc and explode on the nearest enemy. Usable once every 15sec. , Last for 10sec.

Another totem would transfer hp to injured grp mates and the BD every pulse inside the totem. The damage would be spirit doing 150 per pulse and converting 80% to hp to allies and bd.

DD that curse the target allowing skeletons to raise from the ground near the target doing melee damage. Upto 3 skeletons per target.

Bolt that targets the nearest 4 players with in a aoe radius of 1500. Causing damage and lowering their melee resist 10%

Defender skeleton, has a shield in which when summoned absorbs 15% off all melee damaged. Once dead there will be 5 min timer in which it can not be summoned again

Dread lord , every spell , totem gives the BD power to transform into a dread lord for 5min. Thus improving damage done , reduce damage taken and effectiveness off the undead/skeletons summoned.

That's it. Enjoy
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  • Considering pathing will never be fixed, I'm all for a slight tweak to the Bone Army line to include a line specific totem. Having x5 pets doesn't help much when they run off into oblivion. Otherwise, BDs don't need to be touched at all, imo.
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    Bone army is a pretty major spec line for pveing and i feel its pretty good the way it is if you change ot you will mess up how its used to pve and farming

    Now im not against changes but i dont thibk that one would play out to well in my opinion
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    eh one of the few who actually BD every week and I'd say only this:

    BA is okay but for some reason the dots don't crit as a % as they should even if you have WP8-9. Vs say ment/necro/cab. As such it's broken even for zerg so you see 0 zerg bd's as BA.

    Cold spec was nerfed and nobody uses it and the moc only works when you don't move from your point. In theory its okay but why not just run another thane/SM? As such you see 0 group BD's currentl.

    Sup is okay but only if you are higher rr, for group and solo/small. The issue is especially that they just nerfed sup pots, so any tank is going to own you with that 50 less AF and 10 less acuity. Any Inf/NS worth their salt will ALS be snare poisoning you + positional so your 75% snare totem snares them for less than they snare you for and it has no immunity!!!. (it's ludicrous, but it is what it is). You have to just turn and try to pot/use to win. They essentially get a free 85% snare vs anyone, anytime, and the defining characteristic of that caster spec/class is a 75% snare.

    Pets are so buggy you never cast any sub pets if you are leaving a keep, either through gates or porting. Even if you cast pets later if you pass a bridge or maybe get aggro at some point, if you re-defensive/attack a pet 50% of the time they will re-aggro in the direction of the last fight, maybe 2 zones away. I probably kill my main pet 20x a night if I'm playing. That's game stoppage. The only really option IMO is to give bd's 2 main pets at a time, no sub pets. The issue with any tweaks without changing to simply 2 main pets is that when/if they are all actually with you, that's a lot of dps. That way if someone goes buggy you can x them out and reup. As it is, my pets vs a r5 cab/sorc/tic its over already. SM/Cab/Chanter pets are ludicrously OP anyhow; they hit for as much as the buffd level 52 50 BA pet does, and much more than an of the other bd pets do. If I was not r12 I'd be playing a sm right now.
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  • A fix that would help a lot is to fix the pet pathing at the mile walls in ev thats where the biggest problem is i think( ya there are other places but every one goes through thoses gates) and just fix them one spot at a time. Granted i dont know the work it takes to do that but it would nake a lot of people happy that it is progressing.
  • I think pet pathing is as good as it's going to get. Necros had the same issue and the fix there was to rework the class.
  • Completely agree Lff. BA is such a nearly worthless line. I'd like to hear from someone like Carl and John.
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    The reason people hate to PvP is they are afraid of failure

  • It doesn't need a complete overhaul. It has good "bones" (HEHEHEHE).

    It has access to all 3 commanders (dread lord, dread guardian, dread lich) and the subpets, with the highest delve AoE dot around (on par with Necro and Mentalist).

    It just needs, imo

    1) a nice but not overpowered totem, like the other lines. It USED to have an endo drain totem IIRC.

    2) a spec nuke (like a 199/10% debuff nuke or something)

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