Incoming Hunter Nerf

I just wanted to get a general feel from anyone who has played hunter sub 45.

The following changes have been made to Archery shots with the aim of lowering their damage at level 45 and below without affecting level 45+ damage:
All archery shots will now deal around 25% less damage overall.
All archers will now receive a 30m duration self-buff, Eagle Eye, for free at level 45 that grants them a 25% increase in archery damage.
The net change to level 45+ archers’ damage should be neutral when using this new buff.
Eagle Eye can be found under the ‘Abilities’ category in the spell list.
Hunter pets should no longer stutter their movement when buffed by Wolfen Frenzy, Gleipnir’s Wish, Will, or Command.
Bola (root) shots will now be blocked by and remove bladeturns.

This seems like a blatant BG nerf to me. I just wanted to know why another ninja archery nerf was happening and why specifically it is targeted directly at hunters. Thoughts? Discuss. Apologies if already posted, i didnt see it.
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