Armor Destruction Rate Unfair

Can we please adjust the armor deterioration rate for melee? 1 evening you loose 5%. For casters this is way more favorable as they get hit much less. It would be nice to balance it between the two. Right now it is just outright unfair for melees


  • How do you lose that much in 1 evening takes me like 3 nights to do that on my melee. Props to the healers keeping you alive tho lol
  • Yeah that's a lot. I think if you play that much just pay for some MTX and be happy that you don't have to go farm a new piece of armor like the old days I guess. I repair my weapons every time they get to 99% and my stuff still isn't past 70% dur and my armor isn't even close to that
  • If you play solo and duel you loose a lot. Nevertheless, point is caster doesn’t have to deal with this as much and it would be great to have this balanced between the classes.
  • Maybe for the tougher/heavier the armour the more resistant it is to deteriorating? So Chain being more resilient can take a lot more punishment than cloth for example before it deteriorates?
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