RP distribution amongst players

Does anyone know the mechanics behind how RPs are actually distributed between group players? From my personal experience, I've been noticing that if I kill a player solo and he is worth ~4000rps, if I kill that same person in an 8man I am awarded upwards of 900RPs for that kill. 900x8=7200 RPs... The math doesn't add up.

This is strictly a theory as I have not been able to test or anything, this is just from observation, but it brings up the point of, does this boost in RPs when you are grouped encourage groups to run over solos or much smaller numbers?

It should be the other way around. Soloers should be getting the most RPs per kill, and groups should get 4k RPs evenly split at the very least, or reduced altogether to discourage hunting solos.



  • Is it the same player you killed? Are they the same rank between both kills? Are you the same rank?
  • Why should you be getting more?
  • Your math won't add up either. If you are in an 8 man, the amount you receive will be relative to your rank, the oppenents rank, and the rank of the others in your group. The same happens with tower bonuses in an 8 man. A rr2 will get substantially more rps from a tower bonus than a rr8 if you are in the same group. I've heard some low rr in an 8 man say, i got 30k from that tower bonus, while i look and see a moderate 8k (albeit rp bonus pots have to be calculated im sure.. buggane (15,25 or 50?, + an additional 50% rp pot, + a potential 11%? from mythical???)

    If your 8 man is composed of all rr10 players, and you kill a rr10 player, then then the math can be calculated, if they are all running the same bonuses (guild, gear, buggane, other pots bonuses). Too many variables in this scenario.

    If all 8 players were getting 4k, then you are absolutely right, the math would be wrong, or should be.

    Be nice to hear form @John_Broadsword what the calcuation is.
  • @Sleepwell exactly there are a ton of variables that I didn't even feel like mentioning in the post. Obviously lower RR toons will get more RPs from a kill vs. higher RR toons in the same group. that much is known. Like I stated before there is nothing backing my words except my perception, but I always pay as much attention as I can to the mechanics of the game and this is just what I see. I could be completely wrong.

    For a few weeks now I've tried to get this question answered in the Grab Bag but nothing yet.

    But to go into more detail, This was coming from me as a rr7-rr8 player in a fg and just making these observations. I solo a lot and try to look back at who I killed, attention to detail, etc, and this is just what I've noticed. Could I be totally wrong? Of course, but also I don't think this question has ever been clarified and it'd be cool if it was.
  • Gotcha.. i have similar question i posed about tower/keep defense and how it is figured.

    Would be fair enough to have the math answered by GMs
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