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  • In all honesty, they should remove the RvR quests all together.

    Remove the buggane quest : chances are the zergs could go after relics.

    Remove the roaming for siege kills quest, chances are people will stop swapping to go defend keeps.

    Remove the roaming with friends, chances are people will stop swapping toons every 5 minutes because "they completed quests".

    The quests are now the main way to get RPs. I think Ywain could live very well without these quests.
  • Leave the daily quests intact but make it reward BPS instead of realm points. Everyone leeches because the daily quests requires deathblows.

    They tried and removed Buggane it used to rotate at the different Mazes. Hib maze location had to be moved away from the middle because of the kill box it created.
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    I agreed with you Shoke !
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  • I'm all for kill quest removal or a tiered system so there is incentive to play on a particular character / realm. Buggane can either stay where it's at or be removed completely and have the bonus applied at all times for sub accounts.

    Fighting on EV only is just plain boring, imo. I do what I can to bring action else where but it's been the default now for too long.
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    I was always pro-quest removal, if you want to grant more rp to players increase kill rp, so the balance of rewarding lesser numbers kill rp stays intact, and there won't be quest balance issues that changes player behavior to maximize efficiency.

    I do understand that with lower playerbase trying to force active players to smaller area gives the game more lively feeling, but it's going to alienate certain playstyles. Daily quests in todays MMO genre is a way to increase player activity, but at it's current state, the reward, and the impact of quests are way too huge on the game, and it's balance hasn't been touched for too long.

    I just remembered recently an old RL friend I used to play with sometimes, he used to add on everything for 50 rps, which made me ashamed back then. Recently an 8 man chased me from EV to the middle of PoC for last kill. Currently thats the norm, daily must be done my friends.
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  • Remove quest and give under populated realms rp bonuses.
  • remove quests for rr10.s
  • 47el wrote: »
    remove quests for rr10.s
    glad i am rr 12. whats wrong with rr10s? haha
  • and above :)
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