Apocalypse RvR Event (that will never be made) Idea

Well i was bored today and was thinking of a way to get more people in to RvR and bring back some of the old days of people camping spots to get ganked by people and bring forth a new repeating quest line that people will have to do over therefore not making this quest a ghost town like OW and Curse...please feel free to add on to this - but i dont expect it to happen though it would be nice.


Main story is the Legion has escaped Darkness falls and wants to unleash an Apocalypse on the world. He is trying to bring forth the Creature in the Ice in KM (dont know his name) to rise and devastate the world. By leaving DF, the Legion is much weaker then he normally is and sits upon buggane hill above KM trying to rise said monster. Many demon/magma pits have risen through out the frontiers leaving demons to walk around these pits waiting for their master to call for them.

How to start the quest:

Demon Blacksmiths are now at every capital city. Talk to them to get the quest. The new quest is for Hellforged Armor and Hellforged weapon. You will get a quest line for each piece of armor (6 total). Each armor piece has a task you must complete. For the Helm/Feet/Gloves you must kill 150 people in RvR each and for the Chest/Pants/Arms you must kill 300 players each. So you may choose which quest to start first,helm , arms, etc. Once you get that the amount of kills you get in RvR NF only will go towards that one piece. Once completed you must obtain 1 master piece armor of lvl 50 to the Demon Blacksmith. After which you must kill the Legion (BG credit) to obtain a bag of Flesh. With the flesh and MP armor you will receive a Hellforged armor piece. You must kill the Legion each time for each armor piece as well.

Once you have all 6 pieces they will form a bonus for your class. One that will give you upon damage a 10% chance to proc a buff that is exclusive to your class.

Once you have all 6 armor pieces you may return to the Demon Blacksmith to get the weapon quest. Here you will be ask which type of weapon you want based on your class. Classes with shields or a dual weapon will receive a shield or off hand as well w/ this quest. The Demon Blacksmith will ask you to take and place 3 relics from your enemies plus you must defend your own relics successfully 3 times. This will give you Hell Orbs for each which you will turn in to get your Hellforged Weapons.

The Kicker and Repeating Part:

The Hellforged Armor and weapons you obtain from the blacksmith will degrade faster then normal. At the rate of if you were lvl 20 wearing lvl 50 gear in thidranki and pvping. Since the armor/weapons are made from flesh they wear out quicker. You may obtain Regeneration Orbs to repair your gear to 100% (1 orb = 1 armor or weapon) but you must obtain these from killing the Legion again or killing 5 Keep Lords. These quest will be obtained by the Demon Blacksmith after you get all your gear.

PvE side of it and gank areas

There will be demons wondering around the magma pits and the Legion. These will be level 65. They will give ALOT of Champion Level xp and Artifact XP. THis will provide an area for people to level up the champ levels if there are no groups available for OW or other parts and give a great spot for artifact xp then any other form of quest / area. These will provide great gank spots for low level RR as well as higher. Just like the leprechaun areas back in the day. Plus a good spot to level alts/buffbots as well.

SO that is my idea, love it or hate it. Thought it would be cool to give something that people would have to do over and over again plus there will always be people needing to kill something or doing the quests so it wont die out like OW and Curse did.
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  • Love the ideology and the explanation that was interesting enuff to keep me reading to the end.

    Making relics in their current and previous state a requirement would make it practically impossible to complete on many timezones and realms however.

  • If population so bad bring back the doppleganger that give 1-2k realm points . At least that will create action with groups roaming the dopples loop. Probably best thing to do for a dieing server as it was before on killibury cluster.
  • I don't like the idea of adding more PvE in NF. This sounds better as an event where BS controls the NPCs. Similar events took place in the past.
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  • The action that seems to work well are events that encourage gathering up eggs, rolling pins, turkey legs etc so that you have groups trying to gather, groups trying to defend and groups trying to gank. The events that encourage attacking keeps or defending keeps are less successful.

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  • Technically, Legion is a minion not a boss :P
  • Siambra wrote: »
    The action that seems to work well are events that encourage gathering up eggs, rolling pins, turkey legs etc so that you have groups trying to gather, groups trying to defend and groups trying to gank.

    definately - offpeak the action was

    - pretty crazy during the 3 turkey legs (turn in at pk) - streams of solos, duo, trios + coming from nged
    - whereas the 7? rolling pins (turn in at docks) was less popular to almost non-existant.

    both instances alot of people were purely doing it on minstrels, skalds and bards. for the (insta port / SoS etc)

    i wasn't solo'ing during the egg era and typically left that area alone whilst running 8 so others could enjoy their little skirmishes. (no comment!)
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