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  • Valid and great input @Flik

    Im however amazed that there are so many Personal attacks towards you that have been flying.
    Only conclusion i can draw is that Mods dont do warnings against forum members with BG mentality.
  • Why not add a bonus based on how long you've been actively getting rps on that same character?

    Example: You get a base 5% rp bonus and for every thirty minutes you are actively getting RPS you gain another 5% all the way up to 75% bonus , to me that would encourage people to play 1 character for longer periods of time. It would also take 7 hours to max this bonus, and have it stack with bug? I think for the BG play and 8man play it could become very beneficial and encouraging to stay on one character for longer periods of time
  • At the end of the day broadsword might look at it as we are paying for a game and we shouldnt be stopped from playing any character at anytime we choose, its a good way to look at it for 80% of the population, dont punish people for switching, try to implement a reason on staying in 1 realm would be better
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    Highly doubt they'll make any adjustment. There have been a lot of decent ideas, and everyone will have their own opinion on which is the best. What i do not want to see is an end to attacking a relic keep due to realm hopping. If it becomes the meta to see a population swing and the defending realm always wins, then it becomes boring and pointless to make an attempt, so it stops. No one really cares about the relic bonus anymore, its just something to do. If the swing continues, i could see relics being ignored altogether.

    Someone suggested something that does not punish those whose excuse is they want to switch realms to play whatever they wanna play. Just port everyone out of the relic keep if they've been logged off over "x" amount of time. Those who park characters in a relic keep and wait for the opportunity to either switch characters or realms to farm easy rps are the biggest deterrent to more attacks on a relic. Move those characters to relic towns or something.. i don't see an issue with whoever made that suggestion.
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  • Those who realm hop do so to maximize their RP earnings. I don't think it's preventable at this point in the game. The only thing to do without pissing off a portion of the remaining population (big or small) is to include a loyalty bonus to incentivize a more static realm population as opposed to a dynamic one. However, I still think the focus should be geared towards bringing in more players. EC has the potential to facilitate population growth which in turn is great for game longevity.

    @Rescu all three realms have core players; however, no realm has enough core players to generate 100+ that run together. Those who hop are the ones that allow for the inflated numbers which I doubt can be stopped without losing subs. While your core may not have contributed to the problem, there are certainly Albs that do as well as Mids and Hibs. The small game population exacerbates the problem.
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  • I agree with @Sleepwell, just make it so if you log out in any keep and load back in that it takes you back to relic town. Now people can switch, but they will have to make it back through the zerg to get back in amd defend.
  • I never said there wouldn't be changes just that we (note we) weren't on the side of timers. The overall issue is something we're still considering including how/what etc.
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  • The only people who are against any kind of realm timer are the 8mans. Given some Devs are in that community I don't see any change on the horizon..
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    I know a lot of you like to say it would ruin population... that you would lose subs... I think you're overreacting or trying to sway opinions with fear... a 15 minute timer would be so minimal that after the first 2 weeks you would forget all about it. People would QQ for 2 weeks then it would be the norm

  • The only people who are against any kind of realm timer are the 8mans. Given some Devs are in that community I don't see any change on the horizon..

    This is untrue. I haven't played in an 8 main since around 2008 and I still don't want timers.
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    I have zero concern about realm timers when i play my stealther. Until recently that was primarily what i played. Since running more 8 man, 8 man + and running with the zerg, i see it a lot more now. I guess if i chose to jump realms to benefit from defense bonus, etc, then i would be stoutly against timers. For the time being, im focused on a specific realm though, so i do notice realm pop jump back and forth. Its the ebb and flow of the game at the moment. Nothing here that hasnt been stated in this post already, or a dozen more on these forums. I'd like to say we (guildies, realm mates etc) are adapting. If relics gave some insanely huge buff or bonus then there would be more cause for grief. As it is, i say just ignore it. If you're overwhelmed (not closely... im talking about 60% bonus +), don't feed the beast. I Log an alt and play in the battlegrounds. Some might say thats giving up. I say its free market enterprise. Don't like the product? Create a change until the vendor either goes out of business or changes their business model.
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