Xbow/thrown weapon/short bow... Time to get with the times!

I'd like to start a discussion regarding these skills.

Adding abilities gained via character level could really add flavor to the classes that are able to utilize these skills

Classes that can currently spec this skill are Armsman/Warrior/Hero. I believe only Armsman gains a useful ability (snapshot) when committing points to this line, hero and Warrior only increase damage.

Classes that also have the ability to equip these items are Infiltrator, Merc, warden, BM, zerk shadowblade.

I would like to see the ability to spec in these lines removed and instead receive some skills based on a level.

Some classes could share abilities, but if each class could gain something unique that would add more substance.

Now, what would these skills be?

All classes should gain some form of snapshot. Range and rut can be up for debate.

Inf/SB could get a poison bolt

The dual wielders could get a ?


Any ideas?


  • Yes, since they were for pulling mobs in the old days of XPing.
  • not that im not sayin some could use a toy or 2, but you must also remember there are casters out playin to not just melee, you cant have all melee's runnin around with perma interrupts

    specialy since melee alrdy qets free kills at the solo spots where ranqed chars have to avoid if they want any type of real rp's

    takes a lonq time to kill melee without moc or stun, you have to kite them so far, specialy today with so many heals ect
  • Doesn't Golden Spear have a lvl 10 charge to create javelins? I think people used them as rupts before.
  • I have to agree with @Huehuaehue here. I'm fine with them getting an interupt but we need to be careful to put it on a long re-use timer so casters amd ranged toons can still utililize their advantage.
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