Wardens: Cursed Set Bonus Discussion

I'm under the impression that active RVR wardens do not currently spec for slam, this making this set bonus unusable.

Just a simple yes or no poll to find out.

Wardens: Do you Spec Slam?

Being the only shield spec class without 2.0 spec points per level, there is just not enough points to go round.

  1. Wardens: Do you Spec Slam?16 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No


  • Proposal to change this to +2 sec all shield styles. (Thanes and scouts included)
  • Set bonuses are overall meh and many are only good for a particular spec. The Warden is a good example of this. They either need to rework them to be more general to the class or should be removed.

    I can't comment on speccing high in shield on Wardens but the positionals are usually sufficient for stunning in a group scenario.
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  • a lot of curse gear only helps 1 type of spec, i think every curse set should have a bonus for every spec, that way everyone gains from it no matter how you train

    only makes sense imo
  • I and most ppl i know spec up to 44/46 in shield which is even more spec points that your level 42 slam.

    These are all group spec'd wardens as well.
  • A lot of set bonuses are dumb. Like 2 second linger debuff spells or duration of stat debuffs
  • That’s a funny set bonus too, because if you spec for slam, odds are that you are a peeling warden, in which case the longer immunity given by the extra 2 seconds of slam is actually a negative bonus.
  • Maybe this will push wardens to spec more than just the same healer/resist spec. Wardens can fight, they can solo, they can peel. They do more than heal.
  • This can also be said for Valks with their 3 piece set with PIN, id say 90% of the valks ive seen have specced Spear and not s/s
  • Group valks should be specced both spear and shield
  • MakeWardensGreatAgain
  • @Whyane

    Not true about Valk specs. The valks in Crows including myself spec 47 Shield, 41 spear, 42 mend, and 13 OW.

    This allows a valk to tank multiples, pin and dps with the spear when mopping up.
  • @Nightmare

    While wardens are a desired class, it's true a few tweaks can be made to the class.

    2.0 spec points
    Celerity chant back to original levels
    RR5 change (retaining pet scare)
    Reduce Endo usage on stone temper/shaper/breaker(revisit Blunt line) add the debuff back to 1st style stone breaker 2nd style. Add the Ws buff as casted buff in nurture progressing in levels
    Fury of nature lower in nurture, 30 sec duration
    (I had more in another post)
  • Remember when templating was a thing and everyone didn't run the same armor, I'm down for nerfing the cursed crap into the ground and giving people options again :) (definitely not up for buffing it at all)
  • Unfortunately once you up the norm, it’s very hard to go back. Upsets far less people by bringing everything up to the new norm
  • The set bonus should be something that adds to the lethality of the Warden since only one spec holds a candle of killing someone and speccing for it vastly reduces defense and healing capability.
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