Curse 6 - Problems keeping pets alive

I CL spec'd buffs (seer) and having a really hard time when I run into 3 mobs at once. The healer will get aggro deep into fight and no matter how much I taunt it doesn't matter, then pursues a 10 minute solo battle with shield and sword where I too eventually die. Is there something I'm missing? Or was Curse 6 made to frustrate the hell out of you? I'm 3L9 templated warrior. Any tips greatly appreciated.


  • I don't know how it is in Step 6 but on most of the curse steps taunt = detaunt and detaunt = taunt. Try to use your detaunt style + taunt cone spell, then you should be able to get the mobs attention. Also use essence flame regularly. I did it with a kings armor rr2 Hero this way and it was long but not difficult.
    Btw. Don't forget to get the cl resistance buffs, they really help out
  • I have completed chapter 5 on several classes, heals, casters, and melee,. (for the record this was on mid), I had problems the first time then I learned the trick, Just go slow, don't engage too many at once. If healer gets agro, put Garmr on them immediately. If you loose the healer, simply kite away till you can use the horn again. Volcanus, was the one that gave me the most heck. Just do one room at a time., Start at the end on the top row of map, work your way across and then just move down and work across in the other direction. If you get the whole place done and barrier is still up, go through each row and check those dang cubbies on the sides in each room. If your caster or melee, just assist Garmr like you would your friend in a duo. Got slow, dont overload, kite and recast when necessary. If the healer is real low on health, ad the fight is over, dismiss and recall. You got this :smiley:
  • I meant to say chapter 6, not 5, same tactics though, it is not that hard just dont rush and pull too many mobs at once.
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